Saturday, December 1, 2012


I haven't posted in a long time, but couldn't go without posting this months currently from Farley.  I am so blessed in so many ways.  I have a great family, friends, job I love, a roof over our heads, my students are wonderful, and so many more I can not even list them all!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

School... Oh So Little Time Left

Have to throw a few of my favorite blogs out there for my teacher friends:
1. A Modern Teacher -
April has AMAZINGLY beautiful and complete teacher planners, classroom management templates, and great ideas for just about everything else!
2. The Peanut Gallery -
This amazing teacher has been teaching for over 20 years and has designed so many creative and functional themes for classrooms.  She has everything from Hollywood to Owls (which I've purchased and am using this year).
3. Mrs. Jansen's 4th Grade Class -
Mrs. Jansen is multi-talented and has created wonderful classroom management tools.  My personal favorites are her themed classroom kits, especially The Wizard of Oz and she has Common Core Standards for 3rd and 4th grades along with many templates and printables for reading conferences, student portfolios, and so much more!
Here's the link to her store again:
4. Oh Boy 4th Grade -
Ms. Farley has a great sense of humor and a passion for teaching and her students that is evident in her designs and posts.  If you're looking for anything mustache - you WILL find it with Farley! 
All these blogs and Teachers Pay Teachers site and AH MAH ZING and definitely worth checking out!

My Own DIY Owl Clock with Numbers for School

Many teachers add numbers around the clock face to help students learn what time increment each number stands for.  I've seen this clock many times....
Clock flower
I wanted to stick with my owl theme and to not have the numbers so close to each other. 

Here's the skinny... a.k.a. what you'll need to have - 
A clock - I found mine at Target for $6.99, here's the orange version.  You can see the numbers are raise & white.

A sharpie in what ever color you'd like.  I used teal to make my clock.
Scotch Tape
Super Glue
Spray Paint - I had teal, white, and purple in my garage from previous projects.
Download, print on cardstock, and cut out Owl Clock Numbers from Second Grade Discoveries at
12 Popsicle sticks

I spray painted four Popsicle sticks in each color so they had time to dry.

Now the fun part.  The back of the clock and the edge has about a 1/2 an inch difference and it needs to be almost level for the Popsicle sticks to stick out.  I cut the bottom off the box from the clock, trimmed the sides to about 1/2 inch and used it to make small 'stands' for the sticks to be flush with the rim.   

I cut 18 strips from the bottom piece,

...taped them together, 

and super glued them to the back of the clock and glue the Popsicle sticks about an inch in from the rim on each side.

Add the clock numbers with some more glue and voile!  You have your own owl clock with number that are farther spaced apart.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Getting Ready for School

I'm switching jobs this Fall.  I will not be teaching a middle school and will return to elementary half days and starting a new position in the district the other half of my day.  I am VERY excited about my new positions.  I found some amazing printables and fun items to get myself organized.  These are kinda DIY as you can customize the planner from by April.  She has amazing items that are available to purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers (, a website where teachers create documents and post them for free and for a little bit on cash.

I found this fun form on by Farley.  SHE'S AMAZING and so is her blog.  Please go check it out.  

Any who, here's the fun mustache form that I filled out....

Visits Farley's blog to download your copy!

Baby Boats - My First Oneise Embroidery

My dear friend is having a baby boy in a few weeks and asked me if I could help personalize his coming home outfit.  
She purchase the onesie and bib from Janie and Jack.  Both had the boats appliqued previous to my additions.  
Here are the finished products!  My first onesie and bib embroidery.  Thank you so much to Kerr for guiding me through the process!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY Super Hero Costume

What kid doesn't want to be a super hero?  I think we all did.  I still remember owning Super Girl and Spidergirl Underroo sets.  

I made my 3 year old a Super hero t-shirt and cape using a great machine applique alphabet I found on Etsy.  Many, many thanks go to Tracie Brown and her Etsy shop NewfoundApplique for the great Super hero applique alphabet designs (for machine applique).  I simply used a plain white t-shirt, red fabric and a yellow fabric with stars, and sized the 'H' alpha to fit the shirt. 

I found the tutorial for the cape on Pinterest from  It's under March 1, 2011 by Jenny Yarbrough.  I used a childs medium shirt for my 3 year old and did not cut the neck or add velcro since the shirt was a childs size.  The yellow fabric is the same and I had a piece of royal blue to make it look sharper.

He was literally running around our house yelling, "I'm a super hero.  Whoo hoo!"  No one in our family can think of a time he has been so excited.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cleaning Product Holder

This was originally pinned from  I attempted to go to the site and Pinterest said it was a bad file name.  

Any who, I bought an over the door shoe holder, $7.99 at Target, that was black mesh (they didn't have a clear version).  I was planning on hanging it on the inside of our garage door.  To bad our garage door is a fire proof door and therefore the hooks would not fit over the top.  Plan Two - hang it from the wall. Genius.  The previous owners left many long, high grade screws in the drywall.  I simply unscrewed three and attached the shoe holder to the wall.  I organized the products by places they are used, kitchen, bathroom, floors, and extra supplies.